A formally trained designer with an extensive background in a number of art-inspired industries, Valerie DeKeyser offers a rich perspective.

DeKeyser received a master’s degree in design from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing. She has over two decades of experience as an interior designer and project manager on properties of all sizes (from studio apartments to celebrity homes in Beverly and the Hollywood Hills, Malibu and Santa Barbara) and has a diverse background in visual merchandising having worked on gallery installations, home-furnishing event product displays and on set design.

Product design is an integral part of her repertoire – her recent lighting collection now sells at Twentieth Art and Design, premiered at Salone in Milan and has been featured in World of Interiors, Luxe Interiors + Design, Home Journal Hong Kong and dozens of online sites, including New York Magazine. Prior to graduate school, she created a glass-vase line that sold in museum gift shops, upscale furniture stores, boutiques, hotels and spas (LACMA, Fred Segal, Jules Seltzer, “W” hotel, Montage Hotel and Spa). For DeKeyser’s product design, see: http://www.dekeyserdesign.com.




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